IMPORTANT NOTICE -due to changes in exchange rates, quotations of metals and, accordingly, the purchase price of the coin, the price on the site may change during the day.You get the goods and look forward for it at the price fixed in your shopping cart or agreed with the manager on the phone (when buying in person) at the time of the transaction.

Buy the coin you are interested in the following ways:

1. Shopping Cart:

The buyer selects the product by pressing "Add to cart" on the page with a list of products or on the page with similar characteristics of goods moved to a shopping cart. Use the "Add to cart" The buyer can add to cart unlimited number of products. The contentsof the shopping cart can be checked and changed by pressing the"basket", is located on the right side of the page, above the heading "Categories". Once the buyer will be determined with the necessary range of goods and the amount placed in the basket you can proceed to checkout,namely the need to click the "Go to payment" and fill in the columns of items "payment details".

The buyer is required to fill in all the fields of the order. Press the "Confirm Order". Then come the "Order received", which will be duplicated and the data you have entered the name and quantity of goods purchased.

After receipt of the order, our manager will contact you via telephone to confirm and finalize the order.

2. Your order byphone:

Registration Order by phone -  Monday to Friday from10.00. to 20.00. Saturday day and Sunday - the day off. Our Operator will take your order in a free form.

Estonia + (372)5158897

for Russia +7 (981)112 10 63

Phone to place your order by the operator (for courier delivery to your address), or agree with our manager about the time of the transaction in the office:

to Tallinn: Vinkli 13, 12618, Tallinn, Estonia

Then meet with our manager and make a deal.

3. Check the goods onE-mail:

Ordering free to post your contact details in the e-mail message sent to you with a preliminary order by e-mail manager of the purchasing department will make you a call back to discussthe terms of the order.


Checking the gold coins is based on the physical properties of gold is quite simple. All the coins that we sell are described in the catalog, are in the office. That is, we know all its parameters - the diameter of the coin, its thickness and weight, a description of the obverse and reverse of the coin. Make a coin from the other metal and to observe all these parameters is impossible, since pure gold has a unique specific gravity. To create "problems" counterfeiters central banks assigned a coin denomination. These coins are legal tender of the country where it is produced. And as you know, fake legal tender of the state isstrictly punished. Taking into account all these factors, it is easier for counterfeiters to fake paper money, coins, or antique. Certificates of investment coins are not. Certificates are issued only for collectible coins.

In your presence, we can verify the authenticity of the coins a special device, but it should be borne in mind that would violate the conditions of storage (usually gold coins are stored in the factory sealing mint manufacturer). We also must not forget that any impact on the coin(whether fingerprints, or other mechanical, etc.) lead to a reduction in theprice of redemption.

Between an individual (the buyer) and us (legal entity) when making purchases is a contract of sale. The Agreement included the creditorder.

I wish you good shopping, your InvestUnion OU.

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