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We respect the paper money, but believe only in silver and gold. 1998. 2008. 2014. Familiar figures. Years of economic crisis in Russia. When is the next one? Recall ....

1998 for many Russians proved fatal: people in an instant lost their property, machinery, huge amounts of money lying in the savings bank. In such an alarming situation The Russian government decides to hold an urgent monetary reform, which was the consequence of a default. January 1, 1998 marked an era when money began to share in the ratio of 1000: 1. Began to appear banknotes denominated 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 rubles and coins that we know today: 1, 5, 10 rubles, 5, 10, 50 kopecks.

In the period from 307 324 gg. BC the cost of one pound of gold in Rome rose from 100,000 dinars (Roman coin) to 300,000 dinars. By the middle of the fourth century, a pound of gold was worth 2.12 billion dinars. That's a clear example of runaway inflation (more than 2 100%), which is partly to blame for the decay of the Roman Empire.

The economic crisis in 2008-2009, was part of a global crisis. This crisis, "walked" in Russia in response to the integration of the Russian economy into the world. At this time, any event abroad has a strong impact on the income of ordinary Russian citizens, share price, liquidity and on the economy as a whole.

In early 2014, many economists, both domestic and foreign, predicted the entry of Russia into a new round of economic crisis, which took its beginning in 2008. These predictions have come true, but the reason for this was to a greater extent not established in the country economic situation and Russia's participation in the events in Ukraine.

In a society fears a repeat of the great 1998, when the devaluation of the ruble, and unprepared for the financial process people lost all their savings. At the moment, the situation is not so critical, further undermine the position of the ruble, rushing headlong to buy foreign currency, no one recommends. However, prepare yourself for the airbag still stands - it superfluous in any case not budet.I it in less than twenty years. Not too much there? What lies ahead? What to expect? How to protect yourself, your loved ones, your children? What awaits us when we wear a "proud", the title of Russian pensioners? Five major life important issues.

We can not look far into the future as the magicians and psychics. Yes, this is not required. It is enough to look into the past to understand what to do in the future. And because of the past to one question - "How to protect yourself, your loved ones, your children from possible future economic shocks?" - We know the answer.

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